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Just letting you know on the itch app/client it says Not available on Windows so it won't let me download it (Even though it's listed as supporting the vive which last I checked only supports windows but whatever

If anyone finished the game, please let me know what you think.

Suggestions, bugs, or just telling me someone's actually playing and enjoying lol. It'll mean so much to me honestly.

Haven't finished it yet but it is fun and I have a few suggestions 1. add some form of locomotion(or multiple) 2. speed up the elavator if the room is taller 3. when you take items from chests make something appear to tell you that the chests are moving not you like how in tilt brush when you move your drawing a grid appears or change how they move away from you


Wont even play... the second I get in I can to do anything and its so small the screen

Make sure your VR headset is connected. If you are using oculus, try pointing downwards with your controllers a little bit.

ohg fuck didnt know this was a VR game...


You need a vr headset to play this game (Rift or Vive)